Kate Middleton Christmas Day 2011.jpgShe is already the most talked about woman in the world, now Kate Middleton gets to pick a pair of shoes which have designed with only her in mind.

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly gearing up to judge shoe designs from six footwear design students from De Montfort University in Leicester. Each student has been asked to create a heel which is inspired by the Duchess. They will then submit their creations to Kate when she visits the university on March 8th where she will choose her favourite shoe.

"We were thrilled when the Palace asked for six designs for the Duchess to choose from," Kevin Guildford, head of the school footwear design program, told People. "It's the most fabulous opportunity for the students who couldn't hope for a bigger fashion icon to endorse their designs."

One of the lucky students, Summer Spencer, says she was inspired by Kate and William's coat of arms when she created her tartan design. While another student, Becka Hunt, was influenced by 19th-century fashions, as well as Kate's engagement ring and overall style.

Kate will be accompanied by the Queen when she visits the university. They will also watch four graduates (two of which have internships at Vivienne Westwood) showcase their collections. Talk about a big day at De Montfort!

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