BS Jean Pierre dress

Looking better than ever before, Jean-Pierre Braganza appears to have improved and developed this season, creating a terrific show for AW12. Still a relatively small name on the London Fashion Week circuit, Braganza's signature constructed tailoring seems to know no bounds, and his love for dressing women is admirable, "Dresses caress and jackets compliment, never overshadowing the original form."

He cites Mandelbrot in his inspirations (if you've never heard of it, type the term into Google and you might find yourself falling in love with Mathematical points) as well as anachronism, which in its most basic form is the juxtaposition of customs and objects from different points in time. This above all other words, is perhaps the best one to describe Jean-Pierre's collection this year.

Taking charge of Victoriana, the clothing reflected a grown up and disciplined collection, with the rich and innovative tailoring that makes Jean-Pierre so lust-worthy. The shapes reflected the period - there were restrictive high necks, tailed skirts, laced up boots and emphasized waists - whilst the patterns screamed of a modern era. With the hyponotic prints came the geometric cool, with squared shoulders, paneling and sleeves so stiff and sculptured, they were like pieces of walking art.



The show opened with metallics in petrol and purple hues, which lead into royal purples and to-die-for lilac patterns. The piece de resistance however was saved for last, as the volcanic silk printed purples, oranges and reds hit the catwalk. The make-up too was particularly inspired, with the lipstick reflecting the pattern.

Braganza has described the women who wear his pieces as "strong and confident with good taste", and we couldn't agree more.

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