kanye west photo shoot geek outfit.jpgOkay, this is my second Kanye West story in two days. But before you ask, no I'm not actually Kanye masquerading as a fashion blogger (I think!) - jokes, there is just a lot of Kanye news to report right now. That is my defence and I am sticking to it!

Anyhoo... in addition to his latest announcement that he'll be returning to Paris this season to show his Autumn 2012 womenswear collection, whispers are swirling that Kanye is also plotting a range for Topshop. The rap-artist-turned-fashion-designer recently met with Sir Philip Green at Harrods for lunch where he reportedly had a chance relay his intentions to the retail boss.

"Kanye has wanted to work with Sir Philip Green for some time. They were in the restaurant for several hours tossing ideas back and forth," a source told the The Daily Mirror. "Kanye is obsessed with the female shape, so if he did a range it would be pretty revealing - not for wallflowers."

Of course no-one from the Topshop camp is uttering a word on the matter. A spokesperson declined to comment on a possible collaboration. "As far as I'm aware, Sir Philip and Kanye just enjoyed lunch together."

However, Green himself was quick to shoot down any rumours. "I had lunch with him and, sorry, do I have to report who I have lunch with in the Daily Mirror," he responded. "He was very hungry. So was I. That's what happens at lunchtime. There was no conversation going on. He's a friend of my son."

Hmmm... me thinks one doth protest too much! By-the-by perhaps Kanye should concentrate on getting his main womenswear line right first before deciding to tackle the high street masses, don't you agree?

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