Is "dressing for your body shape" a myth? As women in 2012, we know that there are a million and one depressing articles floating around the web, all dealing with the same issue; how to dress for your body has become a feeding frenzy of insecurities and obscurely titled "shapes" - really, who wants to be a "brick"? What is undeniable, though, is that girls have and always will come in vastly different shapes and sizes!
The basic "shapes" which everyone seems to agree on (thanks, Trinny and Susannah) seem to be the Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Boyish - all fairly self-explanatory. When dressing for your body shape it's important to remember that you're likely to be a combination of shapes, there's no such thing as a textbook Pear!

Once you've decided which category you fall under, the next challenge is figuring out exactly how to dress for your body shape. We all know the cardinal rules of distracting from your "problem" areas with statement necklines and oversized jewellery, or using a nifty belt to accentuate those curves, but how can you transform this into real advice you can use every day?

There are some foolproof rules, though; for example, a flaring A-line skirt looks great on Apples, wide-hipped straight legged trousers look brill on Pears, a wrap dress á la von Furstenberg will accentuate your Hourglass, and a Boyish shape can pull off a 1920's style flapper dress like no other. But on the whole, dressing for your body shape is more complicated than simply finding clothes you love to wear! And don't forget your underwear. As the foundation for any outfit, it's important to find lingerie that accentuates and supports your figure - Evesapples is incredible for less curvaceous women, whereas Bravissimo reigns supreme as Queen of the Curves.

To truly dress for your shape, the CatwalkQueen team has some simple advice: have a good look at your body, focus on the parts you love and forget the parts you feel less confident with - and then, dress appropriately! There's no point suffocating your waist in a desperate attempt to feel more "hourglass-y" - if you're more at home in boyfriend jeans, then go right ahead!