Gerri Halliwell Union Jack Dress for Next.jpg

Erm... is it 1997 again? Have I transported back to the era of platform trainers, baby doll dresses, and funky hairstyles? Nope, it still is 2012 only someone must have forgotten to tell Geri Halliwell.

Almost 15 years after she burst onto the stage in *that* Union Jack super minidress and red boots at the 1997 BRIT Awards, the former Spice Girl has reinvented the iconic frock. What was once made from a tea towel by her sister Karen is now set to be reinvented as part of Halliwell's summer 2012 collection for Next. Only this time, the hem is longer (no flashing knickers here!) and instead of a tea towel, it features sequins and a cowl neckline.

"The Union Jack dress was my favourite stage outfit and with everything that is happening this year such as the Olympics and the Jubilee it just felt the right time to design an updated version of the dress for my range with Next," Halliwell said in a statement.

As for what happened to the original Ginger Spice dress - well, it was sold for a whopping £41,320 at auction the following year. In 2007, Roberto Cavalli also recreated the dress for the Spice Girl Reunion Tour with a Swarovski-encrusted version.

The Next version will go on sale from March at £199. It will be available from In the meantime, why don't you take a quick trip down memory lane with this clip from the 1997 BRIT Awards... awesomee!