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I always love it when I hear of bloggers doing amazing things. Although I have been blogging for some years now, news of bloggers doing well does go some way in validating for me just how extraordinary this whole thing can be. That is why I was delighted to hear of one of my favourite bloggers, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, being recruited by Estée Lauder to be their social media and digital guest editor.

Starting next Monday, Emily will create posts for in her own dedicated section as well as provide content for the brand's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Some of the possible topics she may cover are her favourite products and her upcoming April wedding.

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For those who aren't familiar with her blog, Emily has carved a full-time job out of posting about her favourite foods, home décor ideas and fashion outfits. But its her how-to beauty posts which have obviously caught the eye of Estée execs who say they "want to reach out to more women," and "tap into her audience and merge her audience with ours."

"I love beauty. For anyone who has never looked at my blog, I do a lot of how-tos. I am constantly wearing red and pink and orange lipsticks and will experiment with any nail polish," she said. "They are some of the most well-received posts that I do, so I feel like it was just a very natural fit to work with a brand that I love."

This isn't the first time that she has dealt with major brands. In 2010 she designed a handbag for Coach which sold out immediately. She also has a book coming out in August titled Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Design Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease (details on Amazon).

"In a sense, I make myself vulnerable. I put out so much of my life, and I put so much into it. The difference with a celebrity is they aren't as transparent with their lives, and it is not as easy to relate to that. That is one of the things that blogs do so well, they are relatable," she added.

Check out her blog at For more beauty news and product posts, visit Kiss and Makeup.

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