There's been a bit of a shift in the made-by-ethical-rockers-for-ethical-rockers aesthetic at Edun since Sharon Wauchob took over for Bono's wife Ali Hewson as creative director. While the label is vocal about their mission to trade with and provide opportunities in Africa and use organic and sustainable materials, it has never been about crunchy granola design. It's always been sleek and sexy with a distinct rocker vibe for their clientele that has included Courtney Love, Michael Stipe and of course the members of U2 front row.

This season was a bit more staid and a bit more modern. Make no mistake, it's still a very cool collection, there was still a lot of leather and utilitarian details. Silhouettes were looser and at times gender neutral, those some graphic print dresses definitely showed off the feminine form. It was more about layers, baggy leather pants and a hint of military inspiration in the chunky knits and wool trousers.