Diane Von Furstenberg and Yvan Mispelaere took on tricky colour combinations for Autumn / Winter 2012, proving that if the pieces are classic enough, they can be combined in all kinds of unexpected outfits. Take mustard and raspberry pink, which both feature strongly in Diane's collections, but are rarely combined with each other as they did this season. Paired up in coats and dresses, or shell tops and trousers, they brightened up the dark catwalk. There was also turquoise and red, lime green and burgundy, and teal and maroon. By keeping fabrics luxurious and shapes simple, these unexpected colourblocking combos somehow suceeded.


Away from the bold colour pops came a new approach to print. Gone were DVF's more traditional swirls and lines, replaced with a more surreal take on things. Pairs of hands grabbed at the neckline of a slinky sweater dress, while black scratchy splodges on a long dress looked like bats from a distance. Somehow, these madcap details looked chic, not silly, and injected a sense of fun into the very mature, sophisticated collection, stopping it from being too safe.


See the show video for a closer look at some of the pieces...