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While Kate Middleton may have not been the direct influence behind Emilia Wickstead's Autumn 2012 collection, she would certainly make the ideal customer. The New Zealand-born designer opted for a modern approach to traditional English style during an intimate presentation at her South West London atelier.

Wickstead combined her love of the English countryside with 18th century influences including voluminous layered dresses, cinched in waists and soft sophisticated fabrics. The straight square necklines, A-line jackets, tiny horse prints, long pastel-coloured gloves, and pleated chiffon skirts added to the typical aristocratic ladylike feel of the collection. Modern touches included a cropped long sleeved top paired with a billowing black ball gown skirt, and see-through sheer skirts, something that I doubt very much we'd ever see on the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Wickstead's love of dressing up was further evident in the long gloves, sleeked back pony tails and red lipstick worn by her models.

"I wanted it to be modern and old, inspired by all the richness of countryside reception rooms but made into something new and fresh - and different to anything else on the market currently," she told Vogue UK.

Using Windsor Castle as the setting to help create her designs, it is pretty clear that Wickstead was in some way inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge when producing this collection. It makes sense after all she did dress guests who attended the Royal wedding last year. When asked which piece she could imagine Kate wearing from this line, Wickstead told Grazia UK: "all of it!"

I'd have to agree with her on that one, bar one or two sheer skirts and cropped tops of course.