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Clashing prints just don't get any better than this. Folk, punk, ladylike it was all there as part of the Autumn / Winter 2012 offering by Clements Ribeiro. With so many different inspirations and genres going on, the truly awe-inspiring aspect of this collection was just how well everything meshed together. There is no doubt about it, Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro certainly know their stuff.

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A dip into grandma's closet could have produced similar results, with the designer duo presenting printed tapered trousers, flicky skirts, cashmere sweaters, knitted cardigans, and tartan prints. Some of the pair's signature tea dresses in feminine baroque prints also made their way onto the catwalk, and were cinched in with wide leather waist belts. For the more conservative customer, Clements Ribeiro offered a cropped black and white check jacket, mohair coat, tailored wide trousers, and rich shiny brocades. For the younger more daring client, there were jumpsuits in bright fuchsia and orange, and a pair of leather-look shorts.

Unafraid to throw three different colours and textures into one outfit, each look was worn over the top of a pair of footless black tights or leather leggings. Models had their hair rolled up into high beehives and wrapped in black turban-esque bandanas. Also worth noting were the long leather gloves in a variety of colours which we have seen everywhere on the runways so far this season.

"It was a real mash-up of the things we love, including some hardcore '80s influences," Suzanne Clements told the Telegraph.

"We figured no one's going to buy into a pleated leather trouser unless it's really affordable, so we did them in pleather " added Ribeiro.

And this is why we love you Mr Ribeiro!