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For those of you who haven't been content to simply browse Cheryl Cole's shoe line for Stylistpick online, this will be music to your ears! The starlet has just announced she will open her very first pop-up shop at Westfield next week where she also plans to make a special guest appearance.

The store will launch at the Westfield White City development on February 23 and will open its doors on March 4. Cheryl will be at the store next Friday 2nd March to sign autographs and talk about her new shoe line for the online retailer.

Little else is known about the pop-up shop except that it will aim to replicate Stylistpick's online experience by offering the full collection in-store for shoppers to purchase. Currently only subscribers who pay £39.95 per month have access to Stylistpick's accessories selection which is handpicked by stylists and based on personal style preferences. Up until now those who wished to buy one of the former X Factor judge's designs would have to spend between £79.90 to £119.85 for a pair of her boots or heels.

Worth a looksie I'd say.

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[via Drapers]