Charlotte Ronson's famous family connections always ensure a good front row turnout at New York Fashion Week, but could the designer deliver to her celebrity crowd?

Surprisingly, this was a very grown-up collection, albeit with youthful, quirky touches. Knitwear was a key success - intarsia pieces were given a neon makeover, aran jumpers got quirky assymetrical hems and hoods were everywhere (appealing in the current weather).

Less successful were the leather pieces - a pair of tapered red leather trousers that did nothing for even a tall, slim model, and a cape-like sleeveless top that didn't really work for fall. But the chiffon made up for it; a gorgeous tea dress, a louche black shirt with green stripped skirt and and a great little green dress worn with over-knee boots.

All in all, it was a wearable, commercially viable collection, but not one that will be a particularly memorable fashion week moment.