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Despite rumours of Occupy Wall Street protesters gatecrashing the Calvin Klein show yesterday, only a handful actually turned up. The group were protesting against Klein's decision to sell sell his namesake business to Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. about 10 years ago. Yep, that's right ten years ago.

At the show Francisco Costa took his love of shape and clean lines to a new level. Fabrics were loosened up to allow for bell-shaped dresses and hourglass silhouettes to float down the catwalk. "Innovative fabrics - like technical tweed, bonded basket weave crepe and painted wool mohair - enhance the collection's contemporary, urban aesthetic," was how the designer described his collection textures.

Based on colours including black, cream, salmon and red, the collection featured mohair A-line coats, sleeveless minimalistic frocks, wide silver waist belts, and pleated trousers. The Fifties vibe of this show worked in contrast to the modern sleekness of the modern age. There were also some edgy mesh dresses that would be perfect for Rooney Mara who sat in the front row with Emma Stone.

Costa described the show as "mysterious, sexy and super urban." "The iconography for this is all super modern," he added. Too true!

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