bora_aksu_lfw.jpgContrast has long been a watchword of Turkish-born designer Bora Aksu's work and never has this preoccupation been more evident than in his Autumn/Winter collection for 2012, shown today at London Fashion Week. Pale fabrics and ornately detailed dresses sat alongside dark fabrics and even darker make-up looks in a show that always kept the audience on the edge of its collective comfort zone.

Models were washed out with pale foundation and blue lips, giving them a haunted almost zombie-like appearance that certainly helped set the tone for the show. The harshly styled hair was decorated with close-fitting lace headpiece that resembled leaves but also echoed the delicate lace detailing that appeared as a feature on so many of the garments.


Key pieces in the collection included the close fitting almost body-con style dress pictured left, that was made entirely from wool with ribbed detailing and bows. It's a silhouette we've seen time and again on the catwalk in recent seasons, but the experimentation with a different material added another level of interest. White, grey and pink were the key colours.

Elswhere, there were babydoll dresses in sugar-spun fabrics and colours, a Red-Riding-Hood style headpiece in fuchsia and a series of tailored shirt and jacket combinations all with high necklines. A grey hooded overcoat, cut in the same style, completed the collection.

Every one of the pale dresses was presented over black leggings with overlaid lacy detailing that contrasted strongly with the pastels. This juxtaposition between lightness and dark was no mistake, as Aksu had said he wanted to capture "the tension between childhood purity and feminine strength" in this thought-provoking and sensual collection.

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For a closer look behind the scenes at the collection, stylist Sarah Hassan has some backstage gossip, and talks through one particular piece from the Bora Aksu show. This content is brought to you by LG, the Official Garment Care Supplier for London Fashion Week.

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