Today sees the last womenswear day of London Fashion Week and with it comes one of the most entertaining designers on schedule; ASHISH. With design signatures of "Sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins," we can always expect a fun, frivolous and glamorous affair at one of the most enjoyable shows all season. As ever, ASHISH didn't disappoint.


Whilst last season saw a fun approach to bright and bold florals with a Garden of Eden feel, the Autumn Winter 2012 collection on display today headed in different direction all together. You only have to look at the collection's title, "Bollywouldn't" to see the humorous, quirky and boundary free approach this designer takes to fashion. Models strolled down the runway at a casual pace to a mixed up track of yoga instructions and meditation chants. The theme was undoubtedly New Age; models were draped with tie dye silk scarves whilst sequin embellished Acid House smiley prints adorned trousers, jackets and dresses.


The collection was a closet hippie girl's dream; layers were draped on top of layers, multi length hoodies were worn all at once, sequins were everywhere and shoes were a lace up platform boot with rainbow stripes. Various items came emblazoned with free spirit themed sayings across them from "cloud 9" to the ironic "say no to drugs" (with the Acid House face), the simplistic "Relax" and "Enquire within". One dress in particular (which had some breathtakingly embellished sleeves I must add) quite literally gives the finger up, apparently, to "the idea of giving up on earthly possessions". The theme came to life tied together with grungy feel scruffy side pony tails decorated with Bollywood (there's your title reference) style chains which draped from ear to nose.


Aside from the clever messaging and fun, quirky theme that made me question whether my Vitamin Water has been spiked afterwards, the impressive effect of the embellishment techniques ASHISH applied to the clothing was outstanding. The collection finished on a floor length red carpet style sequined gown which was ironically matched with a thick knit jumper inscribed with "Be Happy". With a collection like this in front of us - we certainly are. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

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