It's safe to say that Antoni & Alison opened London Fashion Week with a bang this morning, showing a very creative collection of nothing but dresses.


Wittily entitled 'models walking up and down in dresses', the collection looks, at first glance, like a nice selection of pretty dresses in various fabrics and prints, a riot of colour with plenty of houndstooth, big florals and earthy-inspired touches.

It's when you look closer that you realise how unique this show actually is. The dresses themselves are not full of texture - all very simple sheaths in the same fabric. What's exciting is the technology behind them. All those textures, from huge gold sequins to paint splodges, folds of fabric, pleats and knits, are printed on!


The show was a slight throwback to old 1960s crimplene dresses that had belts, seams and buckles printed on, but in a far more sophisticated manner. A voiceover at the beginning described the show as if it were an art exhibition ("showing once only at Somerset House", natch) and explained that this is the collection Antoni & Alison have wanted to do since they were students. It's only with new technology that they can finally do it justice.

And it definitely had an art student feel, looking at what makes up those prints - stars and splodges, bands of colour and collages of texture (leather on cotton, sequins and chunky wool). The printed knits were particularly wonderfully done, take a look at the close-up below.


After many years of seeing London Fashion Week opened by Paul Costelloe, to see another name top of the list was a surprise, but Antoni & Alison definitely made sure LFW started as it means to go on. We can't wait to see what other amazing prints will take to the catwalk in the coming days.