agynessdeyn_gabrielaubrey_uniqlocampaign2.jpgI am certain she wasn't the first, nor will she be the last but Agyness Deyn has spoken out about why she hid the truth about her real age when she first began modelling. But it's not in the way you might think...

Now 29-years-old (not 24 as previously thought) Agy has revealed she changed her age because she wasn't signed to agency until 2006 when she was 24, which is generally considered over-the-hill in model years.

"When I decided to really do modelling I was 18. That was quite old so a little later we knocked off a few years," she told the Daily Mail.

Agy's real age was exposed when a Facebook group named "Agyness Deyn You're Not 18" was started by her former classmates. The page claims: "This group is for all those who realise that Agyness Deyn AKA Laura Hollins is not 18, or 21 or any of the other ages she claims to be. We know people who went to school with her and will verify she is 24."

The model who is now focussing her career on acting has also opened up on why she changed her name from Laura Hollins to Agyness Deyn. "I started modelling, and they said there are loads of Lauras - you can change your name. I was like, ok, and then I thought about it and say ok, I'll be called Agnes; my grandmother was called Agnes," she explained.

Your real name might be Laura and you may be 29 (the same age is me!) but you'll always be Agy to us!