I was excited when the show notes described an equestrian theme at the Herve Leger Fall 2012 fashion show. Who doesn't love buckles on boots, horse-bit accessories and a pinch of English countryside. But Max Azria really took equestrian to a new place with models in complicated leather strap harnesses of sorts, which really kept the ribs and hips in check. The bandage dress was still in effect, and if possible the girls had to be even thinner to wear it. Instead of emphasizing curves like the bandage dresses of Herve's renaissance, the sort-of caged look of the belts drew attention to a very straight, slim frame.

As seems to be a bona fide trend for fall, the look was much tougher. Perhaps abandoning the curves to a degree brought out a harder edge. More use of pattern, particularly to highlight one part of the body, also gave the impression of a more varied silhouette.

It was an interesting choice to make such a difficult accessory to wear - the complicated harness belts - the focus of so many looks when in reality most women will probably wear the dresses without them. But it definitely injected some interest in what can seem like a one-dress shop.