The highly anticipated Prada show today (streaming very slowly on their Facebook page and homepage) started out dark and detailed and went through almost the entire color wheel by the time the last model stalked the plush purple geographic carpeted runway. Known for being the chic epitome of all-black dressing, Miuccia brought out the purples, oranges and yellows in bigger and bolder prints just as soon as you started to settle in to the black beauties at the start.

Silhouettes were quirky with that hard-to-wear, just-above-the-ankle length. It was usually paired with a long coat belted a bit above the natural waist and a few inches shorter than the hem of the pants. It gave the impression of interrupted length style advisors are usually cautioning people away from. Guess the 6' models can pull it off.

Speaking of the models, beauty was bold but clean and very modern. Stick straight hair and impossibly smoky eyes dominated, keeping any Farrah Fawcett references in the printed marigold pantsuits at bay.

Nonetheless, the all-over prints, colors and platform shoes lent a sort of '70s workwear vibe to the collection. Chunky plastic details gave the look of bold costume jewelry, creating a lot of super cool statement coats. Shiny leather bags in clean, traditional shapes and two-tone cross-strap pumps will definitely be popular pieces.

The graphic prints done in black and white towards the end of the show will be easier to wear than the same prints in burnt oranges and bright reds. This collection will definitely be a little trickier to take off the runway than the usual Prada fare.