That fashion non-story we reported two weeks ago about only the slimmest actresses having access to couture proved correct at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, as Zoe Saldana stepped out in a Givenchy Couture creation that was shown in Paris less than a week ago.

The star's been a long-time supporter of Riccardo Tisci's edgy, modern couture and this isn't the first time she's worn Givenchy Couture on the red carpet, though if we're honest, this white number isn't exactly up there with that amazing purple Oscars gown of 2010.


In many of the pictures, Zoe seemed to struggle with the skirt, which looked stiffer than you'd imagine and needed constant readjustment. That said, the languid way she's draped the top section definitely works better for the red carpet than the way the dress was presented on the runway, and the embellishment is incredibly.


It's definitely a fashion-forward, edgy choice that cements Zoe's place as a fashionista - but does it work for the SAG awards or is it too directional for Hollywood?