Get ready guys! Spring is coming, and your wardrobe won't be complete without a ridiculous pair of printed trousers (or leggings). Don't believe me, check out these babies from Motel and Topshop.


If you have your head in your hands right now, don't worry. You're not alone. This is hardly the easiest trend to wear, and we can only imagine how badly it's all going to go wrong when Spring's other big unwearable trend - the crop top - is thrown into the mix.

We're long past trying to persuade people that leggings are not trouser substitutes. That ship has sailed, and whether we like it or not, people are going to continue to slip on the tight lycra without anything over the top, unaware of just how see-through it goes around the bum area!

So if you want to give this look a try, do us all a favour and instead of sporting the printed leggings (right) go for a heavier twill instead. On the left are Motel's 'Jordan' jeans (£48) and in the centre Topshop's tres Club Tropicana Hawaiian floral skinny trousers (£38).

Keep the rest of the outfit simple (an artfully slouchy vest top is your friend) and you might just pull this off. If you do, send us photos!

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