The trend for colourblocking may be slowing down a bit, but there's a new way of wearing colour that's set to take over. For those who're brave enough, the extreme colour trend can look amazing, but it takes guts to give it a go. Instead of blocking out your look in a set of different colours, go really extreme by wearing one shade from head to toe.

At least you won't have any trouble matching, right?

Uniqlo have made trying this look really simple with their Spring range of coloured denim and matching knitwear. The trick is to mix textures so things don't look too flat.


The knitwear starts at £29.90 (for the delicious new cotton silk cashmere blend), and the coloured skinnies are £34.90 - there are five colours at the moment but a little birdy tells us there are loads more to come!

Oh, and do we have to tell you that all black is cheating?