Another day, another chance for my boyfriend to prove that some of the fashion stuff I've rambled on about over the last three and a half years has rubbed off on him...

And I have to say, this is my favourite day yet. He opted for red again (Jess will be so proud) this time choosing a tomato-coloured 70s style midi dress from Butterfly by Matthew Williamson that I picked up in the sale at Debenhams the end of last year.

The dress actually comes with a stretchy tan belt with a butterfly buckle, but that was quickly swapped for something a bit more flashy, my trusty gold and black braided belt from Accessorize.


He then added a big gold, green and pink jewelled statement necklace (a Christmas present from my parents) and black tights. Then came the footwear.

Lessons were not learned from Monday, and once again, I ended up in peep toes. But this time, even more ridiculously, they were peep toe sandals. Brrrr.

My feet were freezing all day, of course, but there was a saving grace. At least the peep toe sandals were fabulous. They're by Georgina Goodman, designed as part of her collection for Evans in 2007. Of all the stuff I've worn so far that my boyfriend has picked, these have got the most compliments. In fact, I think they deserve another picture that shows them in their full glory...


I love the striped wooden heels combined with polka dots. And more than one fashion friend immediately recognised them, yelping "are they Georgina GOODMAN?"

So we have shoe success, despite my cold toes. And I think the rest of the outfit works too. I perhaps wouldn't wear a pink jewelled necklace with a red dress, but once I had it on it actually looked quite cool. The last time I wore the dress, I kept the belt that came with it, but the black and gold one goes well too. In photos, my tights show through the skirt a bit, but in reality that wasn't a problem and the dress is lined.

Overall, I give him an A- for this outfit, it's pretty spot on, just perhaps not practical for January!