We're on to day three of the week I let my boyfriend dress me, and after yesterday's trainer debacle, I had my fingers crossed for a slightly more feminine footwear choice for day three.

Luckily, the man did not disappoint, and put me in footwear that's pretty difficult to get wrong, namely a pair of knee high leather boots (in this case, by Minette).

But these are no ordinary knee high boots. Oh no, my friends. It doesn't show up on camera very well, but these babies have a crocodile-skin finish, topped with a glaze that looks like the rainbow colours you see in a pool of oil. It's only visible in the right light, so in the office the boots are almost black, but in daylight they're multicoloured. Behold, a close-up!


For this reason, these boots tend to reside in the 'things I love but don't wear very often' pile, because they're hard to match with my mess of florals and prints. Ideally, they work best with block colours - black to be safe.

But did my boyfriend pick black for me today? Of course not, that would be too easy! But he didn't stray too far from safe ground, he just added a splash of his favourite clothing colour, grey.


The dress (by Maggy London), I approve of. I wouldn't normally wear it with boots but I don't think it looks bad, and the leather panels stops the outfit looking too mumsy. The last time I wore this dress was for an appearance in Grazia when I teamed it with buckled shoe boots for our team's attempt at tackling the fetish trend (I was doing the subtle take).

The funnest thing about this outfit is how long he ummmed and ahhhed over the necklace (which I think is H&M). Who knew one accessory would cause so much trouble? I've been desperately trying not to provide any guidance in the outfit choices, so when he asked me "Can you wear a long necklace like this with a dress like that?" my only response was "Well, do you think it works?"

I'm still not sure if either of us have decided the answer to that!