We're on to day two of my latest wardrobe challenge, 'the week I let my boyfriend dress me'. I've stupidly handed over control of my wardrobe to my other half, and he'll be dressing me for seven days in an attempt to prove that even someone with no interest in fashion can put together a decent outfit.

He was surprisingly successful on day one, putting me in a floral dress and suede heels - an outfit I would happily wear again. Thanks so much to everyone who commented on day one's outfit, we're having so much fun reading your comments and they're greatly appreciated.

Moving on to day two, and he's gone a bit experimental...


Let's start with the positives. I love this Red Herring cherry print dress, so I'm so glad he picked it. I wouldn't normally wear it for day as it's more of a party dress, but I've never had a problem being overdressed! He smartly let me wear a sequin trimmed waterfall cardigan over the top, not only for added warmth but to make it look a bit more casual. The dress is sleeveless with a deep V in the back, so it looks quite formal without.

The red tights are an interesting choice too. To be honest I rarely wear them so this is a good opportunity to get them out, and they definitely work with the dress despite being a slightly different red. They're the kind of thing I put on in the morning, get halfway down the stairs before changing my mind and switching to black. This is mostly because I know someone in the office will tell me I look like an elf.

And then we come to the shoes. Oh, the shoes.


These shoes are what pass in my world for trainers, and the last time I wore them was on a 5 mile walk. They're not for every day, and definitely not for work. It's not that I have anything against trainers, they're just not me. There are so many better flat options for dresses. Brogues, ballet flats, sequinned slippers are all fine. But trainers with a prom dress? As one friend on facebook commented, "You just need to add a couple of gold chains for the Lily Allen circa 2006 look!"

The only consolation is that by wearing these shoes (chosen "because they look comfortable") I discovered they actually have a hole in the bottom that let in rainwater, so I won't be wearing them again. If I wore this dress to work again, it would definitely be with heels or boots.

Day two. So near, yet so far!