columnimage.pngWhen I decided to give up control of my wardrobe for one week and let my boyfriend choose my clothes, I wasn't sure what to expect. Friends and colleagues thought I was mad (especially the ones who know the man in question) and most seemed to think I'd end up coming to work every day wearing very little indeed. The words 'dressed like a hooker' came up more than once.

"Won't you just be in your underwear all the time?" asked one friend. I have to confess, I was worried. Was I going to be forced into my skimpiest outfits for work?

Luckily for me, it seems that my boyfriend is actually a bit of a frump.

When faced with my bulging wardrobe on day one, he reached for two dresses. "These are wintery, right?" he asked, proffering two very similar mid-length, fully-lined short-sleeved floral print numbers. Somehow, despite the fact they were at opposite ends of the rail, he'd managed to grab two dresses bought at the same time in the sale at a shop I rarely go into. Congratulations, Monsoon, you have a new fan.

He eventually opted for the longer of the two (the one not from the younger 'Fusion' line). It's a nice dress with a bit of a 1940s feel, but it's hardly the most fashion-forward piece I own. It's safe though, which on day one I was happy about! I could leave the house without fear.


The big surprise was the footwear choice. I was expecting to be in boring flats all week (there are only a few inches between us height-wise, so in very high heels I tower over him) but to my surprise, he zeroed in on a grey suede pair of Office's 'Flora' peep toes from a few years ago.

I wouldn't have gone for peep toes in January (thank God I was allowed my trusty black opaque tights) but I do like these shoes with this dress, and it's a combination I've never worn before. The final touch was a silver necklace, the same one I actually tend to wear with this dress - I'm not sure if that was good luck or smart observation. I'd probably go with the former.

Overall, I think he's done very well, especially for day one. You can't go far wrong with a floral dress and tights, my go-to outfit for daywear.

And the good news is I definitely don't look like a hooker, which bodes well for the rest of the week!

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