We have some super-exciting news for ladies who wear a size 14+ today. There's been talk of this for a while, but it's now been officially announced London Fashion Week design duo Clements Ribeiro are teaming up with plus size retailer Evans to design a collection.

When we first heard rumblings about a new designer collaboration for Evans, we knew to expect good things - previous collabs have included shoe designer Georgina Goodman and fashion icon Beth Ditto.

The premium line from Clements Ribeiro is called Swan, and the designers have cited Adele as their muse. On their blog, they also explain their reasons for teaming up with Evans.

"We are, (as a society,) increasingly concerned about embracing plurality and being all-inclusive - a direct consequence of the democratic distribution of power and influence brought about by the internet. And the bigger girls - who love fashion just as much as the skinny ones - have long been neglected by high fashion."

The first peek at the collection (if you squint a bit) can be found on Twitter.

The above images are from Clements Ribeiro's main line range, shown at London Fashion Week in September. If this is anything to go by, we can expect great prints, simple shapes and whimsical touches from the pair when the Evans collection hits stores later this Spring.