raspberry denim.jpg

Naked and Famous Denim has attempted to solve the old "can't wash my $200 hipster jeans or they'll fade" conundrum with something slightly disturbing. Scratch and sniff denim. I cannot find the jeans on the Web site, but apparently they do exist.

I find this gross on many levels. Firstly, I would pay extra for organic cotton that would be healthier for the environment and my skin. I would not pay extra to have my denim soaked in extra chemicals that will be released into the air continuously.

Second, if your jeans are dirty enough to smell.... well then I just don't know what. The problem isn't the smell, the smell is the symptom of a clearly much more serious problem. One that raspberry scented microcapsules coating the jeans does not solve.

Is anyone else wondering when this... activation upon friction would come into play? Are people who wear Naked and Famous Jeans too skinny to have their thighs touch when they walk? Do they never get in cozy situations where a little friction is ... desirable? (But a burst of raspberry scent is not.)

In more awesome news, the idea of these jeans does put Dirty Denim by The Donnas in my head, and I find this to be an excellent excuse to post this song for you. Happy Friday!