Rachel Bilson is the latest celebrity to get in on the shoe game. The actress has teamed up with her longtime stylist Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden to launch ShoeMint.com, a customised shoe website.

The Hart of Dixie star will begin with an Autumn/Winter collection. The website will work in the same manner as JewelMint, StyleMint and BeautyMint, by offering a new product every month. Users will be asked to fill in a survey about their likes and dislikes, sign up and receive a new pair of shoes every month for $80.

"Understanding the footwear design nuances that make a shoe feel both authentic to my personal style, and are versatile enough to work with all women's styles, has been a terrific learning experience," said Bilson.

"We're lucky to be involved in every part of the process," adds Chavez, who calls Steve Madden's "craft of moulding something like a piece of leather into a gorgeous finished shoe" an "art form."

It's not the first time that Rachel has dipped her toe into the design pool. She has also created a junior sportswear line for DKNY Jeans called Edie Rose.

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