Nicole Miller showed some of her spring looks in her hometown of Philadelphia last night at the Flyer's Wives Fashion Show to benefit the hockey team's charity projects. I've been to quite a few fashion shows in Philadelphia, and this might have been the most professional and well-executed presentation I've attended - and the models were all amateurs! The athlete's wives were indeed modeling the clothes, and they did a fantastic job. It was great to see women of different ages with a variety of body types modeling the actual clothes that will be in stores. Seeing sample size young girls in custom-made runway prototypes can show the clothing in its best light, but may not be the most realistic portrayal of a collection.

I happened to be backstage at Nicole Miller's Spring 2012 Fashion Show at New York Fashion week last September, and some of the clothes I saw last night were right off the runway. Some, however, were pieces I hadn't seen before that were obviously created just for retail. So it was nice to see what will be on store racks walking down the runway. The event was held at The Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia, which houses several retail stores like Nicole Miller, as well as a swanky hotel and bar. It was the perfect setting to bring a little fashion week glamour to the city.