Just the other day I was watching Unzipped, the documentary that chronicled the process behind Isaac Mizrahi's Fall 1994 Collection, which he showed with a scrim revealing all the backstage action. It was unprecedented behind-the-scenes access for the time. Almost two decades later, I and everyone from makeup artists to fashion houses themselves are tweeting and posting pictures from backstage to Facebook in the hours leading up to a designer's presentation. Leave it to Nicola Formichetti to kind of blow this new media maven's mind with the sort of access he's presenting to the public.

Formichetti, of Lady Gaga and Zombie Boy fame, is presenting his Mugler men's collection on Wednesday and in the run-up he is livestreaming a view of his studio to his Facebook fans. More than that, he says he will be taking creative input from them as he styles the collection.

"Showing everyone the craziness just makes sense," Formichetti told WWD. "They want to be a part and see the madness, and honestly I wouldn't mind having a million little stylists giving me their input. It feels totally next level for us."

It makes sense to test-run this sort of thing with a men's collection, can you imagine the multiplied madness if it were a women's collection? I've been checking out the livestream and Formichetti is on camera a good amount of time, not hiding in the wings, and there are also predictable lulls in action - as I'm sure there are in any showroom leading up to a show.

To be honest, I'm mostly hoping for a view of Zombie Boy getting fitted.