Cher Lloyd was always going to struggle with comparisons to former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole. Not only do they share four letters of their first name, there's also the diminuitive size, bouffed brunette hair and doe eyes (complete with fake lashes) that made Cher into Cheryl's mini-me in 2010. All she was missing was the dimples.

She rebelled for a while with shaved hair, bow ties, trainers and a propensity to mouth off about everything under the sun, but it only took a big event - Cosmopolitan's Woman of the Year Awards - for the Cheryl inside of Cher to come out again. She looked positively demure in a fringed Aqua Couture dress, even if it did look a tad too big.

This dress is something of an X Factor favourite - it was also worn by one of this year's contestants, Sophie Habibis (who wore so much Aqua during the show we did wonder at one point whether she was sponsored by them).

It's available at ASOS, and is now reduced from £170 to £110 - it also comes in black if you don't think you can quite pull off the orange, and the fringing is actually detachable, giving you two dresses for the price of one and a bit more value for money.