gemmacartwright_columnshot.jpgGemma Cartwright writes...

There's no denying that in the fashion blogging world your best accessory is a style-savvy boyfriend with a camera. Think Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, or Susie Bubble and Steve Salter. Having someone with a love of style to snap all those amazing outfit photos definitely makes blogging a lot easier.

Alas, not all of us have snap-happy boyfriends. I've asked mine to take outfit pictures a grand total of 3 times. The first time he cropped out half the outfit, then moaned when I asked him to do another. The second time, his response was "oh, do I have to get up off the sofa?" The third, I finally got a picture that was just about usable...


...but still worse than the laughable ones I take myself with the timer.

My boyfriend has zero interest in fashion. He likes buying coats (especially if they're long and black and make him look like a vigilante) but he doesn't give a stuff about trends or women's clothing. As far as he's concerned, a dress is a dress, blue is blue (not cobalt, royal, electric, turquoise, teal or aqua) and high heels do nothing except make me too tall. Even my Marc Jacobs ones.

So why exactly have I decided to allow this man to dress me for an entire week?

Well, I'm obviously mad. But it's all in the name of entertainment, of course. I also think it'll be a fun little experiment, looking into how women dress and how that differs from how men wish they'd dress. With each outfit he picks, I'll be telling you how I would have styled it differently.

I don't really dress for my boyfriend - in fact I own plenty of things he's told me dislikes, and I still wear them frequently. It's not that I don't value his opinion in general, I just don't feel like I should take personal style advice from someone who carried a bag full of holes for years and only gets the iron out before weddings and very important meetings (and even then, under duress). He wears jeans every single day, and only owns three pairs of shoes. Fashion just isn't important to him, which is fine of course, but it does mean he has difficulty understanding why it's so important to me.

I have absolutely no idea what he really likes me to wear. Sure, he'll tell me I look nice in something occasionally, but more often than not his comments on my wardrobe are statements, rather than compliments. "You're wearing a red dress!" he'll exclaim, or "that necklace is a little sewing machine." Cute, yes. Helpful? Nah.

So this week, I have no idea what to expect. With the exception of one day, when we will go shopping together (eek!) he has to choose from items I already own, so I know I won't be in anything too ridiculous. But it's up to him to decide how things are put together. I know there'll be no coral or turquoise, no capes or playsuits, I won't be allowed to wear my hair in a bun and I'll probably not be wearing any really high heels. But apart from that, your guess is as good as mine. For all I know, I might end up spending Saturday afternoon doing the chores in a ballgown, or rocking up to work in a hoodie.

My boyfriend has seven days and my entire wardrobe to play with. This is going to be interesting...

Join me next week when I'll be posting the outfits daily!