The print of this 2-in-1 dress is about as complicated as its name, but teamed with simple accessories (a flash of bright yellow with the grey, a la Diane Kruger in Prada would be perfect) it could look amazing.

The dress is in the sale at Anthropologie, reduced from a whopping £238. Moulinette Souers is an in-house Anthropologie brand, which could explain why the pieces in the range fit so perfectly with the 'pretty vintage hipster' vibe of the shop as a whole. This looks like it may have been made in the 70s out of an old 50s dress!

Reviews suggest the covered-up shape verges on the frumpy if you're petite, so is best-suited to taller girls who can pull off the mid-length hem. Add a butter-soft leather jacket to toughen it up a bit, plus tights and studded or buckled ankle boots to make it work for cold Winter wear. Later in the year, it's crying out to be worn with layered silver necklaces and delicate Summer sandals.