The press has today picked up on a story that's so duh-inducing it's barely worth mentioning. The news? You need to be a sample size 2 (UK 4-6) to get the best clothes during awards season.

Unless you're an A list nominee or presenter with the cachet to request a custom gown, the best stuff comes straight off the catwalks - either couture fashion week (see Mila Kunis above in Elie Saab couture) or February's fashion weeks, and is made to fit the ever-decreasing bodies of top models. Thus, if you want to be wearing Chanel to the Oscars, you really need to have the body of Freja or Kasia.

But isn't this all stuff we already know? Many celebs who don't fit the model-sized mould have been quite open about the difficulty they have in dressing for big events when sample sizes don't fit. Design houses just don't want to dress anyone who needs 'special attention' unless they're guaranteed loads of publicity. Unless you're a guaranteed nominee (eg. Gabourey Sidibe, who wore custom Marchesa to the Oscars when she was nominated for Precious) you need to look further afield.

Thus the same names crop up all the time when it comes to curvier celebs - David Meister and Tadashi Shoji pretty much have the market wrapped up (see an early red carper appearance from Christina Hendricks, above).

it's a good thing they do a great job.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]