Gemma Cartwright writes...

If TV ads are to be believed, Christmas Day is a classy affair. Dad's in a suit, mum's in a floor-length frock, teens are in sharp shirts or pretty party dresses, and kids (up at 5am to see what Santa left) are in lace-trimmed velvet, pinstripe trousers and freshly polished shoes. Everyone's drinking champers out of gold-trimmed flutes and the big day starts with smoked salmon and ends with single malt whiskey.

At my house, this couldn't be further from the truth. The 'kids' (aged 28 and 32 respectively) are mostly hungover from Christmas Eve drinks the night before and you're lucky if we surface before 11am. Breakfast is crumpets and pork pie (what? it's a tradition, I checked with my grandad the other day). Mum cooks dinner dressed in her favourite 'slobbing clothes' and though she may switch her trackie bottoms and sweatshirt for a pair of black trousers and a sparkly top before we sit down to eat, I sincerely doubt she'll be whipping out a ballgown any time soon. Dad spent most of last year wearing a £5 Santa suit. We all had silly hats. I was recovering from Christmas flu and spent most of the day curled up in leggings, a t-shirt dress and the biggest cardigan known to man.

As for footwear, who needs shoes when you're spending the whole day inside? Bunny-shaped novelty slippers all the way, folks.

So who are these people who have the time and energy to have a formal, super-chic Christmas? Does it make the day better? I can't imagine stuffing my face with turkey while dressed in a corseted cocktail dress. Let's face it, this year I'm almost tempted to invest in a onesie - how comfy would it be to curl up in one of those to watch the queen's speech the Doctor Who Christmas special whilst picking all the strawberry cremes out of the tin of Quality Street?

I may be breaking some fashion rule here, but as far as I'm concerned Christmas is the one day of the year I don't have to dress up. I'll be saving my posh frocks and high heels for the parties next week, and going for something with an elasticated waist come the 25th.

Something tells me I'm not the only one?