Need some inspiration for a tuxedo-inspired holiday outfit? Look no further than the annual Kardashian Christmas card, which this year comes in a 3-D version. Kylie, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney all take a variation on the theme of men's formalwear, with only Kendall and Mom Kris opting for dresses. There's still plenty of sparkle - both Khloe and Kim wear sequined blazers which is an item I love. And the whole happy (?) fam wears bow ties.

Speaking of happiness, where are the smiles? This is a holiday greeting after all. Kim Kardashian looks downright angry - her sour puss is only matched by the scowl on baby Mason. I guess it's probably supposed to be a "strong" look, showing a united front and how they are unbreakable in the face of all the gossip they've faced this year. But is the holiday card really the place to stare down Kris Humphries?