The Great Gatsby official preview 1.jpg

Can you feel the excitement building for this film? Or is it just me? Finally we get our first real glimpse at The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. These pictures are the official film stills courtesy of Warner Bros. And while they don't reveal much, just Leo (Jay Gatsby) and Carey (Daisy Buchanan) getting cosy, they do provide a preview of what to expect when the film launches in December 2012 - yes, that's an entire year away *sob*

The Great Gatsby official preview 2.jpg

Of course it's not just the two leading stars who feature in this new film adaptation by Baz Luhrmann, based on the classic novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald. It also includes Isla Fisher, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton and Aussie model Gemma Ward - check out a photo of her on set here.

No doubt it'll help spark a revival of the 1920s in fashion trends which we saw so much of on the runways last season. It might be time to dust off that feather boa, hunt down a vintage fringed dress and pop on some timeless pearls!

[via Sassisam]