Marc_Jacobs_11.jpgAfter months of rumours, Marc Jacobs has finally spoken out about the possibility of working at Christian Dior. Despite all the talks that took place between the designer and the fashion house, Jacobs admits to Vogue that he wasn't really keen about the job from the start.

"I don't dream of doing anything else, or I didn't," he reveals.

And it seems a big part of the reason why he didn't jump at the opportunity may have been the couture factor. "It's archaic - in my opinion," he says. "With couture, one dress each season is photographed by a couple of magazines; there's no advertising; it reaches 20 customers."

Now Jacobs has officially ruled out Dior for the moment, with the label reportedly close to signing Raf Simons of Jil Sander.

"There have been on-and-off conversations about Dior. I don't know; maybe someday in the future, maybe years from now, I may end up going some place else, maybe Dior. But right now I am at Vuitton, and all that matters to me is that that's where I am and I'm going to keep doing my thing," he adds.

"My greatest challenge is to do something better than we've done the season before... I don't feel there is anything lacking in what we do. I get to work with these amazing craftsmen. Maybe not the same ateliers that would make a couture dress, but, again, we are not in a deficit for working with people who create beautiful things. I am not sure I ever looked at couture as this great opportunity."

So that's that, case closed!

[via Vogue]