Even the most staid and safe dressers start to add a little sparkle around the holiday season. Whether you're looking for a gift or something to wear to a soiree of your own, I love these Lia Sophia Glitterati bangles, $120 each.

I haven't always had the highest opinion of direct sales companies, but these really turned me around on Lia Sophia. The silver and hematite bracelets are sturdy and of good quality construction without being too heavy. I've been wearing them a lot with no wear and tear.

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Even though I suggested these for a party, I also like them with casual outfits to add a little personality. They could definitely be part of your everyday jewelry rotation.

If you like Lia Sophia on Facebook, you can enter to win $500 worth of Lia Sophia jewelry including these bangles.

[The Lia Sophia Glitterati bangles were given to Catwalk Queen for review.]