Florence Welch Harrods winter sale.jpg

As expected, Florence Welch officially opened the Harrods Winter Sale yesterday along with her band, The Machine. Dressed in a long black and silver Chanel furry cape, sheer charcoal dress and lace gloves, Florence stepped from a double decker bus in the Harrods trademark green. She was then accompanied by two attendants who were carrying Harrods shopping bags.

In front of gathering crowds, some of whom camped overnight, Florence then took to the stage to perform an acoustic verson of What The Water Gave Me. It was the first time in the department store's 177 year history that a sale has opened with a live performance. Previous celebrities to open the sale include Jerry Hall and Lizzie Jagger, Mischa Barton and Gemma Arterton.

Despite the floundering retail economy, Harrods still offered up to 50 percent off designer fashion items. It was just the latest sale in a string of post-Christmas sales which kicked off on Boxing Day.