For a book and movie that has its main character in pretty utilitarian clothing most of the time, The Hunger Games is getting a lot of attention from the fashion industry. (Wonder why? Cha-ching!) InStyle has an entire section of their Web page and a tab on their Facebook page devoted to the upcoming theatrical release due out in March.

One of their features includes 11 designers' interpretations of Katniss's so-called "girl on fire" dress. My favorite, above, comes from BCBGeneration. I feel like it's the most representative of the description in the book, with Katniss actually catching on fire. I'm always a fan of more literal interpretations. Some of the designers seemed to just take a general "fire" inspiration and didn't actually look to the character and The Hunger Games story. This is also just a beautiful sketch.

From a fashion standpoint, I'm most looking forward to see how the wealthy and outlandish citizens of The Capitol dress in the films, even if they are denigrated in the books for their excess.