There is an epic profile of Carine Roitfeld in the the Thursday Styles today, and in it she says exactly what she thinks of the feud with ex-friend Emmanuelle Alt, who is her successor as editor of French Vogue.

"Maybe this was not supposed to be a friendship," Ms. Roitfeld told The New York Times. "If I look at the balance, maybe I lost some people I thought were my friends, but I made so many new friends. I am very happy, in the end, because I am the winner."

"Sorry? That French accent can be tough. Did you say ... ?" reporter Eric Wilson quipped.

"I am the winner," she repeated. "At the end of the day."

Well then. There we have it. No surprise that Carine is not one to shy away from competition or, let's be frank, arrogance.

Roitfeld also confirmed her forthcoming magazine, but gave no more details.