Hmm. This seems unfortunate. Sure, Rihanna looks kind of badass in leather overalls in her new video for You Da One. But, all the girls copying this look in da club are not likely to look as fierce. With a blonde wig and a chapeau, this is a lot of look, making it all the more difficult for the hoi palloi to pull off.

This could easily replace the sequined jumpsuit as the most tragic wardrobe item on the dance floor. Especially when girls start trying to dance like RiRi and scrunch up the front of the garment to better show off their loudly printed bra. (Oh God, I'm starting to dry heave.) Or when they forego finding a "luxe" pair of overalls in leather or sequins and just try to make the denim version work.

This scenario is already giving me a bigger headache than the dance remix of this song is sure to. This is simply not my taste.