Were you among the throngs of silly bargain-loving shoppers who dared to brave the shops in the Boxing Day sales yesterday? If so, you clearly weren't alone. Hordes of people queued up at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford at 6.30am. While hundreds also flocked to Oxford Street before 7am.

At Selfridges (see video above) they experienced their best hour of trading after deciding to open all four department stores across England at 9am. The company's hourly takings peaked at the £1.3million mark yesterday as shoppers made up of mostly foreign visitors poured into Selfridges to enjoy the discounts up to 70 percent off. Chinese, Middle Eastern, and African shoppers took advantage of items they claimed were much cheaper than in their home countries.

"Everything is much more expensive in China, and designer brands never go on sale there, so it is much cheaper here in the UK," one shopper told the Daily Mail.

"My mother asked me to get some Lancome beauty products for her, maybe a Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag and a designer belt. I've got some Estee Lauder products for myself, and Doreen has bought a Prada handbag for her mother. Chinese people definitely come to the UK specially for the sales."

Did you brave the Boxing Day sales yesterday? If so we'd love to hear what bargains you snapped up!