Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover has already been leaked, and now the Daily Mail has a behind the scenes photo. First things first, who is still allowing LiLo to have bronzer anywhere in her vicinity? What is up with the cheek contouring? Not cute. I know it's a Marilyn Monroe themed photo shoot, but don't we all know Lindsay has ruddy skin and freckles? This is not playing to her strengths, the white hair and red lippie renders her skin a bit sallow.

It's also unfortunate for LaLohan that Michelle Williams is also in the media as Marilyn Monroe right now, and looks so much better in the role. See the trailer for My Week With Marilyn here.

Perhaps of all the image leaking hoopla, the Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue which was planned for January will now be released before the holidays. Lohan reportedly earned $1 million for the project.