After putting up two Christmas trees in the past 24 hours I am more than in the festive mood. However if you're yet to swing into Christmassy-mode, then you may find some holiday cheer in this latest ad campaign by Tiffany & Co.

The jewellery company has created another sumptuous fairytale setting for its Holiday 2012 campaign. Starring model Laetita Casta and actor Lee Pace, it is a visual stunning, uber romantic commercial which is bound to tug at the heart strings. Titled Some Holidays are Unforgettable, the ad sees Casta and Pace dart around a snow-covered New York to locations such as the New York Public Library, Empire State Building, and Central Park.

The pair play a loved-up, totally smitten couple who clearly love to be showered in glittering diamonds from one of our all-time favourite jewellers. If you're not feeling even a smidge of dreamy festiveness after watching this commercial then you may as well call yourself Scrooge. "Bah, humbug!"