Whether you're plus sized or just big around the bust area, it can be tough to find dresses that fit your curves properly. A sagging waist or too much volume around the hips often becomes par for the course if you're over a D cup...and there's only so much a belt can do! But there are some savvy solutions out there. Pepperberry (the clothing line from D+ bra specialists Bravissimo) offers regular dress sizes with different 'curvy' options depending on your cup size, so you don't sacrifice fit around the bottom half to accomodate your bust. Meanwhile plus size brands like Simply Be and Style 369 have ditched the old-fashioned tent dresses in favour of some cleverly-designed dresses that fit well, highlight your assets and don't cost the earth. Here are some of our favourites...

Left: Jacquard prom dress £63 at Pepperberry (sizes 8 - 16 in Curvy, Really Curvy & Super Curvy)

Middle: Spot mesh prom dress £90 at Simply Be (sizes 14 - 32)

Right: Ice Blossom red lace insert dress £45 at Style 369 (sizes 14 - 26)

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