Susie Bubble at Peroni Collaborazioni

Last week Peroni unveiled their long-awaited Collaborazioni, which teamed top UK fashion bloggers with cutting-edge designers on a creative project inspired by Italian style. Team CQ were at the launch to see what the three pairings - Navaz 'Disneyrollergirl' Batliwalla & Shaun Samson, Emily 'Fashion Foie Gras' Johnston & Jessica De Lotz and Susie 'Style Bubble' Lau & Maarten Van Der Horst - had created. And we weren't disappointed. The designs perfectly capture the spirit of the designers and the personality of the bloggers. Here's a sneaky peek at some of the pieces...

Susie Lau & Maarten Van Der Horst's final design


Navaz Batliwalla & Shaun Samson's final design


Accessories designer Fred Butler