Kate Winslet St John SS12 making of 1.jpg

Kate Winslet is back for a second modelling stint for St. John. The label has released some behind-the-scenes pics of the actress as she poses for their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign.

"It has been a great experience working with St. John," she said in a release. "I am very excited for this upcoming season - George [Sharp] and St. John have created wonderfully chic and effortless styles for the modern woman."

For these latest ads, Kate wears a series of classic St. John knits, silky skirts and a luxurious draped dress. As oppose to her previous campaign which was photographed in an old movie cinema, these ads were shot at New York's Chelsea Arts Tower.

The campaign is expected to break in February, with a video documenting the making of the ads to be released via discoverstjohn.com

Kate Winslet St John SS12 making of 2 copy.jpg

[via People]